Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Toward or Towards?

Q. Does he walk toward the girl or towards the girl?
A. Either.

If you want the nitty-gritty about prepositions and American English vs English English and subjectivity, these'll sort you out:

Q. Does he move forward or forwards?
A. As above.

All I'd add is that it's probably a sensible idea to remain consistent.
And that pic is a liquid argon calorimeter. It came up when I typed 'toward' into google. Nice slippers.


esruel said...

Only a true writer would take the time to ponder. Enough said! :-)

solv said...

Maybe it's time to find a girlfriend ;o)
Actually, that reminds me of a Hemingway quote:
From Green Hills of Africa:
'Tell me first what are the things, the actual, concrete things that harm a writer?' ...
'Politics, women, drink, money, ambition. And the lack of politics, women, drink, money and ambition,' I said profoundly.