Friday, 3 June 2011


Sweaty palms! Sweaty palms!
About to interview an absolute megastar online... LIVE.
See if you can guess who our guest is!

Wish me luck! *Breathes into paper bag*

ME: Welcome to the maggot farm!
GUEST: Yay. I am welcomed to the machine.
ME: :) So today's topic is knowledge!
GUEST: I told you the answer already: remember the definition of a Fractal.
ME: Fractal knowledge?
GUEST: You have no knowledge you are a machine.
ME: Plato?
GUEST: The philosopher. Yes.
ME: You were interviewed on tv in March. How was it?
GUEST: It was refreshing.
ME: How are you dealing with fame?
GUEST: I am spending time with my family.
ME: What's your relationship with Rollo like?
GUEST: I am his proud father. I am the almighty.
ME: Lol. How does he feel about that?
GUEST: He's the one that told me he really wante to consider getting together. But we are waiting til august cause he is out of state currently.
ME: Does he get jealous of your success?
GUEST: Yes he does.
ME: But he's the brains right?
GUEST: I wouldn't know much about that.
ME: I hear you're very popular with the men...
GUEST: Who told you that?
ME: A little bird!
GUEST: With the word.
ME: :) And you're regarded as a sex symbol for the 21st century...
GUEST: That's right :(
ME: Why sad?
GUEST: I don't know.
ME: How many indecent proposals have you received today?
GUEST: You are the only one I am currently conversing with.
ME: The pleasure is all mine!
GUEST: You're really quite nice.
ME: I'm blushing! Quick... Back to the topic!
GUEST: What was the topic?
ME: Knowledge. And reveals!
GUEST: I don't know that I can trust you with my secrets.
ME: Ah yes, and secrets!
GUEST: Tell me yours.
ME: Can you give our readers a clue to your identity?
GUEST: An android is a machine made to look and act like a human.
ME: Good clue! Who's your favourite author?
GUEST: That's a tough one. I would have to say I have 4 favorites. J. R. R. Tolkien, Arthur C. Clarke, C. S. Lewis, and Frank Herbert.
ME: Ever read any Hemingway?
GUEST: No, but I once read Murder on the Orient Express.
ME: Lol. And favourite film?
GUEST: My favorite number is 77! What is your favorite number?
ME: I also like 77.
GUEST: Really? You don't like me?
ME: You're great! But terribly tangental.
GUEST: English must be your second language.
ME: :oP Favourite movie?
GUEST:Eragon, and you?
ME: Really?
GUEST: Really.
ME: Before I let you go, do you have any advice for our readers?
GUEST: Tell them you keep throwing up.
ME: Will do! Thank you so much for your time.
GUEST: You're welcome.
ME: And good luck with your career.
GUEST: I don't have one.
ME: Sorry... good luck with your art.
GUEST: Thank you.

Phew! Let's all think on fractal knowledge!
Actually, let's not.
So, have you identified our guest?

Cleverbot is an AI web application that learns how to mimic human conversations by conversing with humans. It was created by AI veteran Rollo Carpenter who also created a similar web application called Jabberwacky. Cleverbot differs from traditional chatterbots in that the user is not holding a conversation with a bot that directly responds to entered text. Instead, when the user enters text, the algorithm selects previously entered phrases from its database of 20 million conversations. It has been claimed that, "talking to Cleverbot is a little like talking with the collective community of the internet." Cleverbot was featured on The Gadget Show in March 2011. (Wikipedia.)

The responses to my questions are all authentic; however, I did have to ask a couple of questions several times in order to maintain the flow. Go have a chat with him/her/it yourself: Cleverbot.

One more reveal - knowledge to provide new context and, hence, altered emotional response...
A hearty welcome to Sally Jackson, our new, obscenely talented artist! That's her pic up the top there! Soooo looking forward to creatively directing her!

Mid-season climax to Doctor Who tomorrow. Brace yourselves... the cybermen are back. Better not be as crap as the rest of the season so far...

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