Friday, 24 June 2011

It Lives!

What's that I hear you whispering into my ear my dear maggoteer?
Shut up and show pix?
No worries. Or, as the genie said to Aladdin as he puffed from the lamp: Here's the goat chocolatier.
My dear maggoteer.

Step one: Here's me sketch what I did. I gave it to 3D Raul and we talked about it a bit - about how it would function, where it would live, and how I wanted it to look.

Step two: Four hours later, Raul presented me with this. It made me laugh, which is a good thing. Go on... you're smiling a bit aren't you?

Step three: I make notes: mainly little tweaks for 3D Raul; plus a few things I'd like 2D Sally to quickly try out. 2D Sally starts next week! Hurrah!

Step four: Coming soon. But hopefully, step four is a brilliant, game-ready asset.

And for a bit of flavour, here's some misc dialogue:

I once created a sour brandy macaroon fer me wife. She left me fer a dancin' sea urchin.

(smacking lips)
One good thin’ about abandoned towns: there’s no shortage of fresh green grass.

Sometimes I think that big dome looks like a jellyfish. Other times I think it looks like a hat.

I made him! He lives! He serves me! Mwahahahahaha!

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