Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Quick silence-bursting update before I embark on the school run.

* * *

Message begins.

New improved TL going well. Stop.

Act I plotted. Stop.

Three act major reversals erected. Stop.

Big act II hole needs caulking. Stop.

Putting an hour in each evening. Stop.

Here's a page from my notebook: Familiarising myself with Vierry the moustachioed robot (moustache was my son's idea) and with the 'angels of death'. Sketches and unresolved notions and similes. Stop.

Hoping this message finds you in good health. Stop.

Message ends.

* * *

1 comment:

esruel said...

Hey, this brought back memories, Solvey! I once posted the whole plan of my revised first chapter on litopia so people could look at it and get an idea of what they might do better. I remember posting the new chapter up, too, and someone said that the very beginning was a bit wooden. An understatement: it was incredibly wooden! So much for my planning. Mind, I was rather pleased with the rest of it though.
Interesting stuff, Solvey!!!