Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hoax Funeral

Today I met a lovely lady named Anjy Hall.
She sings and strums with a band called Hoax Funeral. They remind me a little of Husky Rescue (one of my fave bands!) and also Hope Sandoval. I think you might enjoy her music. It's there on Spotify, and also on their myspace page.

Anjy also writes a bit and, if you have five minutes to spare, you could have a read over her stuff. She has a wonderful tone which is evident in both her writing and her music. Check out the unexpected sensory stimulae, and all those adjectives - textural and vivid! I feel a kinda desperate optimism in there, not dissimilar to Holden Caulfield's worldview. It's a curious duality - the kind I attempt with word palettes - where the verdant surface meaning belies something barren.

Anyhoo, Oliver Stone's World Trade Center was awful. I'm gonna go to bed and listen to Beethoven's Piano Concerto number 5. Sleep well world.

P.S. I'll leave you with some of the genuine comments posted about today's mysterious google ufo ...

I think is time for the world to wake up.. we are approching a major date in 2012,, we are awakening.. and google people know the truth of ufos, they have google earth and they have seen them. I think we all need to stop joking about the subject, and think that maybe just maybe the government is working with google to little by little give FULL DISCLOSURE

Greetings, this doodle on google is very interesting. A alein spaceship huvering over the 'O' in google. It is also levitating it. Im sure many is curiouse about this spaceship. Dont worry, Im sure there will be no aleins to come and destroy our planet. But I have one observation, why dose everyone asume aleins will attack us? They might not. They might just be curiose as we are of them. And everyone thinks that aleins are high teck. As in, they are smarter then humans and have spaceships that can levitate. What if on theyre planet all they have is old crapy, vokeswagons and tvs have intenas? mabey google can just stop creeping us out with the alein doodle. Like i can ownestly say, Im a little creeped out in case today it was very windy and the power almost went out.

this is kinda weird last night had a dream about aliens coming to earth then then i get up get on google to check my facebook and i see the UFO i click on the image and it leads me to the search of unexplained phenomenon i only remember hearing one thing in the dream it was " No its the ugly one" so im wondering if they have relation or not ive been looking at vids all day about this stuff. and this is the first time i have ever dreamed about aliens. im not liying i would not have written this if i was. if you have any thoughts email me

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esruel said...

Blondie meets Kirsty Maccoll meets Stevie Nicks. Hey, the girl ain't bad! Definitely one to follow, I reckon. :-)