Thursday, 13 September 2007

Oelze and Roy

A chance purchase from The Works has returned to me two paintings that have haunted my derelict head for years.
My son was looking for puzzle books, and I wandered across to the art section and found a book on Surrealism.
Anyhoo, this first image is called Expectation. I tried googling for it a while back, but could never remember the artist's name. Richard Oelze! (A German artist, his wikipedia page is in German. Anybody fancy translating it ..?)
Expectation was painted in 1936 and reflected the collective concerns about the impending horror of Nazi oppression.
Oelze worked with the themes of dreams and premonitions.

This second piece, Electrification of the Country, was painted by Pierre Roy.
Roy liked to place recognizable items within unfamiliar spaces. In this painting, Roy alludes to a childhood fascination for 'found' materials. Poor Pierre doesn't have a wikipedia page.
I wonder how many teenage boys have ever photocopied Pierre Roy's Electrification of the Country from a library book and then stuck the photocopy on their bedroom door.

Btw, good luck to my son who attends his first chess club meeting this afternoon! He's very excited.

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