Thursday, 27 September 2007

Food for Thought

Faced with a total rewrite of the third and fourth chapters of Tethered Light, I've taken some time out to write articles and short-stories (and remind myself how much fun this writing malarky can be!).
I think you might agree that one of the most deadly of viruses that a writer can contract is lack of confidence (lack of self-belief).
So it was a fine boost when I checked my emails yesterday and discovered that my article on word palettes is to be published in the Nov/Dec edition of Zette's Vision.
What's doubly exciting is that I will be paid for the article!
Hey, it'll just about be enough for a mixed kebab, but boy will that kebab taste good. To think that I strung a few words together and now they have turned into dosh - well, it's a wonderful motivation.

I've discovered a whole world of e-zines that pay for flash fiction, short-stories and poetry. Each one offers enough of a brief to help focus one's attention, and enough clout to warrant inclusion in one's cv. But most importantly, those emails that begin with the words 'I liked your ...' are worth 1000 kebabs.


R1X said...

You must share :)

esruel said...

Eating your words, solvey!
One small step...
Just had a look via the link you provided - there's a n article on myths for children. I read so much mythology when I was at school, and most of it needed to be rewritten for sure. I often wondered if I should try... could eat a shopful of kebabs rewriting Norse mythology, it would take so long.

solv said...

@rix: Share the kebab or the article?
I'll post it when I have a mo. It's really just an evolution of my theme set idea, and most of it will be familiar to regular maggot farmers. Almost typed mf'ers then, and realized that this blog has an unfortunate acronym. Hey ho.
@esy: Now that is a cracking idea! I bought some illustrated Greek myth books a few years ago - tremendous illustrations and fun interpretations of the Trojan War and the Labours of Hercules (if memory serves). Definitely room for some new takes on Norse mythology I'd say. (Although I wonder how the reader would react to pages of names like Yggdrasil?)

Zette would welcome more submissions if you boys fancy turning your hands to articles ...

esruel said...

What, and take the food from your mouth???
Names usually have more than one version, and there is often more than one familiar name, so a bit more romanticising of heroes can be achieved by rooting around. Wouldn't write it off my own bat, though - you need a commission to do things like that.