Sunday, 6 May 2007


Here's my son's latest work of art: a monster named Eyeballs.

He has blood pouring from his eyes, evil faces on his chest surrounding a happy face, and pyjama trousers. According to the writing on the left, he also has grass lines under teeth.

Original combination of non-original elements.

Btw, if you like this pic, please post a comment for my son to read. Thank you :o)


esruel said...

Great stuff! Such bold colours. Very well done.

R1X said...

Scary creation. All those eyes, watching what you're doing. That's kinda creepy. Does he cry blood, or do those eyes just bleed? Also, are those face really evil, or do they just look evil? I wouldn't want to meet him down a dark alley, or out in the open. I hope he can't run fast.

solv said...

My son says:
his eyes just bleed and his faces are the evilest fings in the world.About the coulers I tri to youes evry colur ones and dont cry because he tives a brocken car thats bumpet and he cant walk because he foot has an invizebool bandige and talking of that he can hadle bres the peedels down with his brocken foot.Thats it bye.