Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Blog of the Week 3

This week, serendipity breathes the word 'orderly' into our collective ear, like a kiss from a faraway land.
Or Russia to be more pinpointy.
Russian mail order brides for you!
It's hard to imagine young Russian women without thinking of James Bond. Indeed, if you follow the link 'Why Russian Women?' your answer will take the form of a quote from Tomorrow Never Dies (allegedly, although I don't recall this quote):
'A key to the great story is not who, or what, or when, but - why?'
If that ain't enough to convince you, there are plenty of satisfied customers eager to offer their tuppence worth:
'With the Russian ladies I have met, I feel younger ...'
'... they are warme, and they can give. thy like home. i mean they care about their home and they dont forget themselfe.'
And my personal favourite:
'... beautiful, articulate, and personable to the point of gently walking inside one's mind, softly and constantly ...'
Apparently, Russian shops sell only very short skirts.
Which could be counted as another plus I guess.
Oh, and give yourself ten points if you can find a bride-to-be who doesn't list 'travelling' as a hobby.
Now, how do I apply for Olga's address ..?

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R1X said...

Sheesh! And so many are looking for older men than me... Oh Brunhilda, come back to me- er! Hello, wife? I'm not on the net looking at Ukranian love.