Friday, 12 January 2007


Welcome my friends to The Maggot Farm!
What and why? I hear you cry.
Chatting to a friend yesterday morning, I learned that he had once worked in (on?) a maggot farm. He told me of tiers of trays and of maggots measured and sold by the gallon and of festering fish fingers and cow carcasses. In a matter of minutes, a new world had opened before me, a world that existed alongside my own to which I had, until that moment, been utterly oblivious. And then I googled and caught a fleeting insight into the expanse of the maggot farming world.
Lives can change in such short moments. I have learned that I know so little, and I have changed perceptions and offered to others glimpses into new worlds. Every day is exciting to me; every day harbours untold portals to new worlds.
From this moment, I introduce the verb maggot farming: To actively make oneself receptive to new ideas.

Here at The Maggot Farm, I would be honoured to share my projects with you: my adventures in writing and art; my discoveries; the people I meet; the lessons I learn and the techniques I develop.
If I might inspire or introduce an interesting/practical idea to one person, this will have been worthwhile.

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