Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Handbags at Dawn

I'm not one for tittle-tattle... but I couldn't resist on this occasion.

When self-published author (I saw you rolling your eyes!) Jacqueline Howett received an average review on BigAl's Books and Pals blog, she broke the unwritten rule: she defended her work in public. It's a car crash of epic proportions, and a stark warning to every one of us! (And a fine example of the destructive power of ego! And of mob mentality.)
Give yourself a good excuse and go look...

The Greek Seaman by Jacqueline Howett.


esruel said...

She has the right to defend her work if she is right. The examples given certainly don't help her cause. Critiques, or negative critiques, are not always done with the best intentions, though, and sometimes they are encouraged in order to garner publicity - website owners can be selfish and uncaring, as can other writers, who want the spotlight. In any event, she should not have sworn at her detractors.
In my opinion, critiques should always be offered in private first - giving the author an opportunity to react in a more proper manner - to the point of removing ms and/or themselves. You'd soon see the true intentions of the reviewers, and the website owners hiding behind them!

solv said...

I'm with Nathan.
The debate has returned to the classification of indie, and the problems of merging self-pub into the label.
I'm keeping out of it. :o)

esruel said...

I'm keeping out of it, too. And you'll only see me on self-pub if I've exhausted all my book ideas and avenues first! I hope the 'if' never appears. Leastways, I'll be nearly expired by then, I hope lol