Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Intoxicating Breadcrumbs

PROFESSOR FARNSWORTH: Good news everyone!
FRY: That sounds like bad news.

I'm very pleased to announce that we've been able to lasso the incredible Helen Lawson who has provided us with a theme song: This Town. Furthermore, we've pressganged the phenomenal Julie Ann Dean who is working wondrous wonders with the voice-overs, bringing our characters to life.
It's quite something to type a few lines of dialogue and then to hear them voiced by a pro just hours later. I am frequently assaulted by the urge to write tongue-twisters.

Anyone for pix?

My good friend and incomparable art talent Mister Ben Andrews created this concept (yes, concept!) for the country lane scene. Once I have organised the gaming and narrative requirements for any given scene, Ben and I knock out pencil sketches (often over a beer in The Fountain which nestles in the shade of Ely cathedral and has lovely little alcoves within which we can secrete ourselves and our pencils, and it has a log fire and the logs are laced with incense); Ben then hits his tablet, working in colour themes and tightening perspectives, after which we perform a quick review, make minor adjustments, and then start over on the next scene.

The idea of 'showing' is now, I hope, permanently and irreproachably fused into my neural network. In this scene we see an archway in the foreground wall, a broken bridge in the midground, and a light in a tower beyond. Our publishers are keen to see, what they refer to as, the 'string', which is a visual foreshadowing device, designed to create anticipation - intoxicating breadcrumbs if you will. How can I reach that tower? Why is the bridge dismantled? What's through that arch? Certainly, this is no big shake for us writerly folks.
This is a super discipline, telling a story through pictures and sounds, and occasionally dialogue, and I'll be coming back to all this very soon; but now I'm hungry and I have tuna sandwiches and a spicy peperami in my lunchbox.

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