Friday, 7 August 2009

Harvesting Pianos

Atmospheric skull sodomizing a grand piano.

I had a rather exceptional dream last night which, I think, is worth documenting.
I found myself in what appeared to be an army barrack or billet, with people working at trestle tables. Everyone was ignoring me. Presumably, my brain was grappling with the wonderfully confidence-eroding phenomenon of receiving one response for every ten job applications I send out (and then typically only after I have sent out a follow-up email).
But here's the curious bit: I was sat with a laptop and noticed a lot of unread emails in my inbox. I didn't read them, and the dream continued with more people cold shouldering me, and every now and then I'd return to the laptop to discover more emails which I would not read.
Eventually, it transpired that these emails, which were being sent to and read by everyone in this workplace, contained libellous remarks about me.
So my dream had anticipated this reveal and provided a set-up: the emails.
Now I really can't recall ever having experienced a dream which worked towards a reveal and contained set-ups before! I have always assumed that dreams worked in a stream of consciousness manner. But this dream appears to question that theory! I'd love to hear from anyone who has experienced such a dream!

On the topic of dreams, somebody recently suggested that our dreams tend to incorporate people whom we have not seen for a while. (Not exclusively of course!) This would tally with the dustbin theory, whereby obsolete memories are dropped into the junk folder to be deleted.

Girl with broken piano.

I'm also considering my next project and am transcribing my son's ideas and dreams which are always so much better than mine! In particular, his dream in which he drove to a volcano to harvest pieces of broken pianos simply begs for a plot line.

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