Saturday, 12 January 2008

Carry On Farming

Just realized that The Maggot Farm is one year old!

Can you celebrate blog anniversaries? Could you extend the idea and celebrate the anniversary of your ruptured spleen or the time you got caught stealing your neighbour's garden gnomes?

I guess one of the best reasons to blog is that it gets you writing and keeps the thoughts tumbling along.

Happy anniversary everyone!


R1X said...

Happy Birthday Maggot Farm - weird how you end up saying the strangest things in this life!

solv said...

Wondering Mind must be getting on a bit too ..?

R1X said...

Sept 05 for the Counselling Skills Reflection Log... which ended June 06. It got rebooted Jan 8th 2007... so technically it's only as old as yours ;)

solv said...

We're practically twins!