Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Maggot Tree

Hokey Cokey.
Seeds are planted and start to grow and you never know where it'll all end!
Welcome to The Maggot Tree!
This'll become something of a portfolio of work. There's a link over there - look, over on the right. Thus far, I've added my winning ss, and my new ss.
Being the techno-ingénue that I am (although I know how to type an acute accent! Ha!), I seem to wield only the most minimal of control over the creation of indents and leading and so forth. And I've no idea how to attach a file.
And I spent an hour trying to match the colours: you have about ten to choose from and if you want a different colour, you have to type in an index code! I worked out that the first two digits change hue and the third changes saturation. I think.
But these things can be overcome, deconstructed, mastered, and then bastardised. And, anyhoo, life is a giant work-in-progress.
Now, if only I can figure out how to add a picture to the heading up the top ...

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